Aurora, Female, USA (Part 1 of 3)

In my years on this earth, I have learned that men think it’s okay to rape you, as long as it is with their fingers, and especially if you may not remember it.

I went to a friend’s apartment and had pre-partied a little too hard. Everyone was chillin’ in the livingroom, so I pulled up a blanket and laid down on the couch. People were talking, and I must have started to doze off a little. I was startled awake when I felt someone’s fingers inside me. It was one of my friends. He smiled at me, and then smiled at another friend across the room. In that “oh, yeah…” eyebrows raised kind of way. You know, how guys do when they are really impressed with themselves.

I quickly pulled away, and moved toward the other side of the couch.

He moved closer, and tried to finger me again. I didn’t want to “ruin the party” so I just got up and asked another friend is she wanted to go take selfies in the other room.





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