31F Dakota

In college, I was celebrating New Years with a friend at a different school. He was someone I had grown to trust and thought was a very kind human. I had planned on spending the evening on his couch or in one of the many futons throughout the apartment because we were drinking. After drinking games, my friend was so drunk he couldn’t keep his eyes open. He went to bed.

Later, I was sleeping on his futon in his room and he came and laid on top of me. I knew he was drunk, so I left and went to sleep in the couch in the livingroom. His roommate came down and asked me why I wasn’t in his room, so that I didn’t have to answer, I acted like I was sleeping. He then proceeded to carry me to my friend’s bed and lay me down. I thought that my friend could’ve passed out so I stayed for what seemed like a minute. It was enough time for him to get his hand inside my waist band. He continued to try to put his hands further down my pants. I was panicking inside and felt so stuck. My phone rang and I jumped up so fast to get it. I went back to the couch and slept there. I am still thankful to my high school friend for calling me right at that moment.

I left early in the morning and couldn’t look him in the eye. He said something among the lines of “I don’t remember the ball dropping”. So I never mentioned this incident to him. Even after he would try to call me weeks and months later. I ignored his calls and texts. I don’t know if he remembers what happened that night, but I never told him.

He re-entered my life as he is now married to a good friend of mine. I was even in his wedding. I continue to wonder if he knows. He’s the kind of guy who would be very disturbed to know he did this, but it still happened. I still think he’s a good person who made a poor choice, but I still have a hard time looking at him.



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